Why The F**k Is Anyone Still Listening To Dr. Anthony Fauci?

As the coronavirus pandemic approaches the two-year mark, Dr. Anthony Fauci is still making the rounds on the Sunday shows — even getting his own documentary — and I have just one question: Why?

Why is anyone still listening to anything he has to say? Why does anyone care whether he thinks it’s safe to visit grandma this Thanksgiving? Why is anyone asking him for permission to “return to normal” — or at least let kids participate in physical education without face masks? Why, after he’s held nearly every possible position on every possible COVID-related issue, is he still the go-to for every cable news network, not to mention the President of the United States? (RELATED: The Two Face Masks Of Dr. Anthony Fauci)

But the flip-flops are only part of the problem. And honestly, for anyone who understands the way the scientific process works, the fact that Fauci flipped from “no mask” to “pro-mask” in just a few months isn’t really the problem. When dealing with a novel virus like COVID, any new data that becomes available could potentially — and dramatically — change the calculus. Learning that coronavirus didn’t survive long on surfaces, for example, largely put a stop to

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