Why the FBI Lego Lie Matters

How do you know corruption has reached the bottom of a corporation or government agency?  When that corruption becomes so routine that the people in the middle and bottom of the organization are not constrained from lying, cheating or stealing because they believe that it is not only tolerated but condoned and rewarded.

The once venerable Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to have reached this loathsome state.

Headlines blared and pundits laughed about the person arrested by the Feds who had a “fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set” confiscated in a search of his home as evidence.  What a bunch of clowns, using Lego to plan an unarmed insurrection.

However, there was a problem.  There never was a fully constructed Lego Capitol, instead an unopened Lego box for building a Capitol was confiscated by the ever alert Feds.   

As Britney Spears might say, if she were allowed, “oops, they did it again.”

The same FBI which housed, promoted, defended and later stonewalled investigations about the Russia Hoax, apparently is completely unconstrained from top to bottom, and is empowered to simply make up evidentiary claims.  

Fear not, America. This is the same FBI that is prioritizing Trump supporters in their search for domestic

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