Why Not the Worst?


Posted: Jun 16, 2022 12:01 AM

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WASHINGTON — For several years now, I have been writing my memoirs in my spare time and have been having a lot of fun with them. There are writers who insist that writing is torture. Bill Buckley was that sort of a masochist, though I must say I never found even a sentence written by him painful to read. He was always stimulating and often amusing. Yet now, as I enter upon the last lap of my memoirs, I am encountering difficulties.

I began with a lot of amusing tales about Warren Gamaliel Harding, the 1920s president who was easily the worst president until we endured Jimmy Carter. I even had personal accounts from a survivor, reporting to me about the time he “slayed” a fifth of scotch with Warren. That would be the late Arthur Krock, bureau chief of the fabulous New York Times who had an amusing tale to tell about the time he sat down for a drink at

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