Why It’s Unfair and Not Useful to Rank Montana Colleges [Opinion]

You could say that Billings is having a rough week. First, Billings is called out for being an ugly city in the opinion of this guy. Then, Montana State University-Billings (MSUB) was named the worst college for your money in Montana by Moneywise.

It’s pretty easy to criticize Billings and our city takes cheap shots all the time, but I was really bummed by the Moneywise report. I’m a former part-time faculty member at MSUB and I really enjoyed my time teaching there. I’d like to think I have some insight into the problems identified with the school. While this isn’t scientific, it is based on my observations of the student body while teaching at the school on and off for five years.

MSUB has a low graduation rate because it has a high nontraditional student rate.

If you had three part-time jobs, two kids, and were going to school full time, what’s the likelihood that you would have graduated from college? I’ll speak for myself–I couldn’t do it. At one time in my career, I was fully embracing the gig economy and had six part-time jobs. I nearly lost my mind trying to keep everything straight.

Nontraditional students miss class because their boss changed their schedule

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