Why I left the FBI

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On Sept. 11, 2001, I was working for Merrill Lynch on the top floor of the World Financial Center in New York City. I witnessed up-close the horrific deadly terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. My colleagues and I evacuated our building and were led to safety thanks to the heroic efforts of NYPD officers. That day, 2,977 souls were not as fortunate. I was shocked. Heartbroken. I vowed to God that I would give back and serve this great nation.  

This vow led me to leave a multibillion-dollar hedge fund in 2009 and apply to become an FBI special agent. According to the Wall Street Journal, around 45,000 people applied to be special agents that fiscal year. About 900 made the cut. I was one of them.  

After five months of arduous training at the Academy in Quantico, I was a sworn-in special agent, assigned to the Miami Division. I considered it a sacred responsibility and was honored to be entrusted to protect and serve the American people. 

My entire career was spent in the field, where I believed I could make the strongest impact in rescuing victims and putting criminals behind bars. 


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