Why Elon Musk’s Twitter fight could decide our president in 2024 and whether Americans have free speech online

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Forget the midterms, the fight for the 2024 election is on in the most unlikely of places — Twitter. Billionaire Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media site set off a battle for free speech online that could determine who wins the presidency in 2024 and set the agenda for daily news coverage.

The left and the media reacted to Musk’s purchase the way 6-year-old boys used to react if a girl entered their clubhouse. They threw a tantrum for the ages, screaming in impotence as their friends and allies were fired by the thousand.

Climate team axed! Waaah! (No rational person at Twitter apparently asked why they had a climate team.)

Censors fired? Stompy feet.


The press freaked out that they no longer control Twitter heading into the election. The Washington Post led its online front page with Twitter wars on Nov. 5. “Twitter layoffs gutted election information teams days before midterms.” The story’s subhead warned, “political campaigns are gripped with anxiety.”

NBC and several other outlets took a similar strategy, “Days before the midterms, Twitter lays off employees who fight misinformation.” Politico, D-DC, was less subtle, headlining

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