Why do men dominate on ‘Jeopardy!’?

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My husband and I watch “Jeopardy!” together frequently. I’ve noticed that the strongest players are almost always men. 

Last week, the show hosted its Masters Tournament, and, consistent with my observation, four of the six “masters” are male. Interestingly, even the “winningest woman” on “Jeopardy!”, one of the masters, is Amy Schneider, who identifies as transgender. The sixth master contestant is a woman, Mattea Roach, of Canada. 

Working at Independent Women’s Voice, I’ve spent the better part of this spring working in state legislatures to promote and advance bills that preserve women as a legal category and keep women’s sports female-only. In the world of sports, women only have equal opportunity to compete fairly and safely if they are competing against other women only, because men have an athletic advantage.

Some critics say that the way the “Jeopardy!” questions are written favors men, or at least focuses on men. (Sony Pictures Television Jeopardy Productions)

This got me thinking about “Jeopardy!” and other trivia competitions: do men have an advantage in these competitions as well (albeit less obvious to the eye of the observer)? I admit, I am loath to even explore the idea that men are “smarter”

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