Why Did Prince (Now King) Charles Honor Bolshevik Cuba and Pose in Front of Che Guevara?

“Royal family snub President Trump during UK visit: Prince Charles and Prince William were unwilling to meet Donald Trump on his visit to Britain, leaving the Queen to greet the US president alone.” (London Times, July 18, 2018.)

Well, what could be more fitting than British royals snubbing the upstart leader of an upstart former British colony—and one who was elected by “deplorables” to boot? 

On the other hand, then-Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla not only rank as the first British Royals to grace Bolshevik Cuba with a visit—but back in March 2019 (aping President Obama three years earlier) they posed for a photo in front of the image of mass-murderer and faithful Bolshevik protégé Che Guevara.

More interesting still, the following Christmas, Prince Charles’ Christmas card celebrated his trip to Stalinist Cuba–the only regime in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw Christmas.

“Britain’s Prince Charles has chosen an Associated Press photo taken on his historic trip to Cuba for his Christmas card…the image by AP’s Ramon Espinosa shows the heir to the British throne behind the wheel of a classic car in Havana alongside his wife Camilla.  Charles, 71, visited Cuba in March in the first trip to the communist-run island by

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