Why Democrats Fight For More Carnage


Posted: Jun 12, 2022 9:14 AM

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The democrats following the lead of their *President are advancing an agenda that will kill more children. Their rejection of common sense solutions coupled with their attacks on the Constitution demonstrates this. 

Not unlike terrorists they even tell us over and over again what they are trying to do. 

They also seem to be playing their hand in terms of future concerns, and they are fine letting demented and evil people use weapons to injure their political opponents.

On Friday evening the *President in a private dinner with donors tried out some of his arguments for his party’s lame response to recent tragic shootings.

His “arguments:”

Implement an assault weapons ban.

Own shotguns.

Nobody needs 30 round magazines.

AR 15s are hard to shoot.

The Second Amendment is not absolute.

Never mind that democrats in Congress to the *White House believe that an “assault weapon” is defined by how scary it looks as opposed to its function. (They’d probably be freaked about by this.) (https://byrna.com/products/byrna-tcr-tactical-compact-rifle)

None of the shooters of the last

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