Why Catholic school students outperformed government school students during lockdowns

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A common refrain heard in election victory speeches has been a promise to come together; to serve all constituents, regardless of party. As families across America continue to struggle through economic strife that only promises to get worse, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. and state houses around the country can provide relief to the middle class, while simultaneously enhancing education by once and for all passing parental school choice legislation.   

Recent post-pandemic national test scores have emerged, showing once again, a drop in proficiency in English Language Arts (ELA) and math among government school students across America. The ensuing conversation cannot help but acknowledge that Catholic schools saw no such declines, no profound learning loss. Why? We were open for in-person learning because we put children first. 

Not only were we back in the classrooms by September 2020, but we also took the opportunity to double down on the personalized learning that defines Catholic schools. Assessing each student, identifying where they are and where they are ready to go next, combined with modern technology and blended learning practices, prevented the learning loss so many other institutions experienced. In fact, our Archdiocesan Catholic schools saw a

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