Why Black Americans are leaving Biden in droves

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It should come as no surprise that black Americans are ditching the Biden administration in droves. The recent exodus of 21 black staffers, which has been dubbed “Blaxit,” should be a warning sign to Democrats that instead of playing the race card, they should tackle the issues that actually matter to black Americans – starting with inflation and crime.  

Contrary to the spin coming out of the White House, the departure of 21 black staffers – with more expected in the coming weeks – is not something that can just be brushed off as a coincidence or a normal part of the political cycle. The fact that the White House is trying to treat this as being inconsequential just underscores the root of the problem – the Biden administration is happy to have black votes on Election Day, but doesn’t actually care about our interests.  

The same pattern plays out again and again. Team Biden is presented with evidence of an impending catastrophe that is likely to devastate the black community, and they either scoff at the idea that it’s a problem, or attempt to shift the blame onto someone else.  


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