Why Biden’s documents mess could be one of the biggest political scandals in American history

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The political weaponization of the U.S. Department of Justice finally hit a wall last week as Attorney General Merrick B. Garland boxed himself into having to appoint a special counsel to examine classified documents squirreled away in multiple locations by then-Vice President Joe Biden. While many are questioning Garland and the DOJ’s handling of both Trump’s “Mar-a-Lago” and Biden’s “Car-a-Lago” possession of classified documents, it’s the content of these Biden papers that could become potentially one of the biggest political scandals in our nation’s history.

For years, we’ve witnessed the DOJ dragging its feet on the investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Allegations contained on the laptop, which appear to have been substantiated by both Hunter Biden in emails and text messages by whistleblower Tony Bobulinski reveal that members of the Biden family, including the “Big Guy”, may have benefitted financially from their dealings with Ukraine and China. If any of these classified documents uncovered inside a closet at the Penn Biden think tank or in the “locked garage” next to Joe Biden’s prized Corvette have anything to do with the Biden pay-to-play scandal, game over.

We deserve to know if the Biden classified documents are

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