Why Aren’t Things Changing in Missoula? You’re Not Voting

(This is more of an opinion piece, but it does contain hard news data)

Around coffee shops and kitchen tables in Missoula, conversations always center around one question: ‘Why aren’t things getting better? Taxes are higher, home and apartment prices are higher and people feel helpless to stop it.’

There’s one very real problem, and you can see it in the mirror.

It’s you.

If you’re not voting in local, state and national elections, you’re in part to blame.

KGVO spoke to Missoula Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman on Tuesday night at the Elections Center about voter turnout, which, according to the numbers, was only about 27 percent.

“We always want to see as high of a turnout as we can,” said Seaman. “And so our ballot return rate earlier today, which is the number we sent to the number we received was at 36%. Even at that current report result, that’s about on par with previous elections, so it matches previous elections, but in Missoula, we can do better.”

Yes, the primary only dealt with the races for mayor and two city council seats, but each vote makes a difference.

Seaman said the city council races in the primary sent two candidates to the general election.

“With this race,

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