Why Are Sneakers Hanging Over Powerlines in Billings?

If you’ve been driving or walking through downtown Billings recently, you may have noticed that a pair of athletic shoes were flung over some powerlines, but why would someone toss a clean pair of kicks up there?

Was there a bully who stole some kid’s new shoes and tossed them up there, is it a tribute to someone who died, or is someone trying to show this is their territory?

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

Here are some of the possible explanations why there are a pair of sneakers over the powerlines in downtown Billings:

It’s a mythical town

In the 2003 Tim Burton movie ‘Big Fish’, residents threw their shoes over powerlines when entering the mythical town of Spectre, symbolizing the town is a place you never want to leave. In the movie, a character played by Steve Buschemi says “There is no softer ground than town”, so residents leave their shoes up on a wire.

Credit: Walter Arnold via YouTubeIt’s gang territory

Others may think throwing a pair of old running shoes over powerlines is related to gang activity, possibly identifying who controls that area, but according to Snopes there’s no credible proof this reason is anything more than a legend.

It’s where drugs are being

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