Why Are Flags Flying at Half-Staff in Montana?

Driving around Billings today (Tuesday 4/6), you may have noticed U.S. flags flying at half-staff, but do you know why?

While on the elevator at the DoubleTree Hotel, on my way back up 23 floors to the Townsquare Media studios, a couple people I didn’t know were also riding up to another floor, so I asked if they knew why the American flag, and the Montana state flag were flying at half-staff today.

While neither of them knew the actual reason why, one of their answers was interesting. A woman who was visiting from northern Montana said she thought it may be to show support for Governor Gianforte, who she heard “got COVID.”

It is true that Montana’s governor announced today he tested positive for COVID-19, but that announcement has nothing to do with flags flying at half-staff, which is only done when the entire nation is mourning.

On Friday (4/2) Governor Gianforte did order all flags in the State of Montana to be flown at half-staff, and it’s to honor the United States Capitol Police officers who were attacked on April 2nd at the U.S. Capitol, where one officer was killed.

According to the governor’s order, which is “pursuant to President Biden’s proclamation,” flags were

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