Why AOC and Biden may get the last laugh on oil and gas

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The tensions between the providers of fossil fuel and renewable energy are increasing.  And the president has not helped.

Since taking office, President Biden has bent over backwards to accommodate the aggressive agenda set by climate activists and environmental lobbyists. In so doing he has punished or pushed aside the very industries that have helped to make America great — oil, coal and natural gas. Through pernicious regulations and plain old bully-pulpit pessimism, the President wants to move fossil fuels to the margins of our economy. He seems perfectly willing to trade reliable energy from oil and gas for less reliable renewables, despite the incapacity of renewals to fully deliver for decades.

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., introduced her Green New Deal resolution in 2019 it was considered a distant dream. Critics and the media were bemused that America would embrace such a vision but AOC’s goal was to rid the world of fossil fuels, forcing the federal government to set aside billions of dollars for the energy transition, to create millions of jobs in the energy sector, and to subsidize new technologies to replace oil and gas.


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