Who’s Minding the Minnesota Store?


Posted: Sep 25, 2022 12:01 AM

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Apparently the vault at the Bank of Minnesota was left unguarded and wide open.

 Word got out among some of our newer citizens that Minnesota was handing out free cash. Few questions were asked and there would be soft penalties if anyonewas caught with their hands in the cash drawer. Theseresettled refugees figured that since they were an oppressed minority with a friendly administration and prosecutors (that they had helped elect) the money was theirs for the taking. And why not help themselves to hundreds of millions instead of just chump change. Both they and the Minnesota administrators understood that it was largely free federal money anyway. Mere rounding errors in Washington. 

 Any government that can forgive billions in student loans can certainly forgive a little fraud for a few hundred million for day care and children’s nutrition programs, right?

 The first installment of this story began when investigative reporters at Fox9 in Minneapolis weretipped off by some TSA inspectors about something strange they were seeing at MSP airport. Somalinatives were

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