Who(m) Do You Trust?

Before he became host of “The Tonight Show” on NBC, Johnny Carson hosted a show on ABC called “Who Do You Trust?” The grammatical error aside (WHOM do you trust would have been correct), it’s a question many are asking when it comes to their government, scientists and politicians. Perhaps an updated version might be whom CAN you trust?

With respect to just the latest lies about the origin, prevention and treatment for the virus that causes COVID-19, the misinformation and disinformation are now being uncovered.

The latest comes from the Department of Energy. While labeling its conclusions “low confidence,” it is the first revelation from any federal agency that early allegations that the virus originated from a laboratory leak in Wuhan, China, might have credibility.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has since come out to say that the COVID pandemic was “likely caused” by the Chinese lab leak.

When the story was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan claimed there is no “consensus” in the intelligence or scientific communities about the origin of the virus. Since when did a lack of consensus keep them from reaching conclusions? When there has been consensus, it has often

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