Who Was Stagecoach Mary? A Fierce Montanan Who Feared No Man

Montana has a rich history of legendary figures.  Some more infamous than famous, but one of the most interesting people who called Montana home, was Stagecoach Mary

Stagecoach Mary was born Mary Fields around 1832. Mary was born into slavery, and like many slaves, her exact birthdate isn’t known.  What is known, however, is that she would become a Montana Legend.

Mary stood 6 feet tall and weighed in at 200 pounds.  She was good with a gun and according to historians, she could take on two men in a fist fight and come out on top. Mary was not only a Western Legend, but she was also a pioneer.

So how did a woman born a slave end up in Montana?

It’s believed that after the Civil War, Mary ended up in Ohio living in all place, a convent. While no one is exactly sure how she ended up at the convent, we do know that she worked as a groundskeeper there and would sometimes swear…a lot, which resulted in some of the nuns putting in formal complaints about her actions and her bad temper.

It appears that Mary made at least one friend while at the convent in Ohio, the

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