Who Is ‘Banning Equality?’ Woke Capital Joins the Abortion Debate

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield in 2008 (Brendan McDermid /Reuters)Ben & Jerry’s has no moral authority to lecture consumers about campaign finance so long as they feed the unborn to Moloch in the name of ‘business.’

Americans can now take comfort in the knowledge that the CEO of Thinx underwear (don’t Google it) is really upset about the wave of abortion restrictions sweeping across the country. If it had known that corporate executives could be such clarions of moral leadership, perhaps the New York Times would have thought better of deriding their compensation packages. Can we afford to put a price on corporate responsibility in these perilous times?

The executives from Thinx and 179 other large corporations have banded together to rebuke the strides made by the anti-abortion movement in state legislatures around the country. The result was a joint statement, released on Monday, titled “Don’t Ban Equality.” The entire statement is a gratuitous assault on the English language. Who exactly is trying to “ban equality”? And “equality” for whom? The unborn child? The mother? The CEO of Thinx?

This paragraph is indicative of the whole:

Equality in the workplace is one of the most important business

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