White supremacists disrupt Gaza rally in Missoula, one arrested

A white supremacist was arrested for disrupting a peaceful rally in support of Palestine on Saturday, a day marked by several other neo-Nazi appearances across Missoula.

Missoula police issued a misdemeanor citation to a Washington man who allegedly shouted racist slurs at Native Americans during the rally outside the Missoula County Courthouse.

Larkin M. McIntyre, 46, a protester from Washington state in the white supremacist group, was cited with disorderly conduct. Court filings allege McIntyre made several racist slurs toward a group of Native American individuals at the courthouse rally. His language caused them great distress, and they tried to fight McIntyre, the document stated. The incident happened just before noon.

McIntyre was among a group of masked white supremacists waving banners and signs with neo-Nazi slogans at several places across town Saturday. The white supremacists also made appearances along Russell Street outside of the Har Shalom synagogue, and the nearby International Rescue Committee office. Photos and videos shared on social media show the protesters displaying xenophobic, white supremacist and antisemitic banners there and on the South Reserve Street pedestrian bridge.

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