White House’s Karine Jean-Pierre’s 5 most-embarrassing strikeouts

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The job of White House press secretary isn’t easy. Just ask the current holder of that title, Karine Jean-Pierre. Not that she’d answer. She seldom does. It’s the one thing she’s good at. 

KJP, as she is better known, isn’t the worst presidential PR flack in recent memory. That inauspicious title is held by former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci. “Mooch” lasted 10 days, so The Donald fixed that error in about the time it takes for a baseball home stand. You get fewer strikeouts that way. 

That’s not even close to the record that has been KJP’s time in the White House starting line-up. She just had her one-year anniversary, which means President Joe Biden has failed 36 times more and KJP hasn’t even been benched. 

Jean-Pierre provided a lot of strikeouts during her memorable rookie season, for her own team. She lied about the border (almost mandatory if you work for Biden), renamed our northern neighbors as “Canadia,” got into an intercontinental battle over press freedom in front of the stars of Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso” and said House Republicans want to “give asthma to our children” and let oil companies use chemicals

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