Where’s Dr. Frederic Wertham When We REALLY Need Him?


Posted: Oct 12, 2021 12:01 AM

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I admit having a special fondness in my heart for Superman.

Like most kids in the 1950’s and 19060’s, I sat transfixed in front of our black & white Zenith TV as actor George Reeves flew across the 15” screen and crashed through those incredible brick walls (which I now know were plywood.) Fast-forward to 1978, as actor Christopher Reeve brought the Man of Steel to the big screen as star of Richard Donner’s smash hit SUPERMAN: The Movie. And yes, he delivered on the promise of the Italian movie poster hanging in our game room “SUPERMAN:IL FILM.. crederete che un uomo puo volare.” You will believe a man can fly. And audiences did.

Donner’s masterpiece (and Superman II which was even better) were the apex of Superman in pop culture. Crummy sequels like III and IV were just embarrassing. Various TV incarnations—including Dean Cain’s Superman & Lois—drove the kryptonite farther into Supe slowly but surely. And then in 2006, Warner Brothers “reboot” of the franchise

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