When Mayer met Prince: Gazette photographer shares photos, wild story that goes with them

Jake Iverson

Photographer Larry Mayer has shot a lot of of photos during his decades with the Billings Gazette , and he’s got a story about every one of them.

He’ll talk about when Peter Fonda invited him back to the actor’s Paradise Valley ranch. And, of course, that time Tom Cruise left an angry, obscene voicemail on Mayer’s phone after he refused to turn over photos he’d shot on the set of “Far and Away.” (He’s still got that message on cassette, and it’s required listening for any new Gazette reporter).

Prince plays a July 1, 1986 concert in Sheridan, Wyoming in this previously unpublished photograph from the world premier of the movie “Under the Cherry Moon.” The artist played six of his hits at the Holiday Inn. Prince died on April 21, 2016.

LARRY MAYER, Billings Gazette

But there was one story Mayer never really told until recently, when he came across some old negatives that had been squirreled away in storage for 25 years. 

The photos capture Prince — yes, that Prince — performing in Sheridan, Wyoming —

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