What’s Happening with the Pier 1 Building on 24th in Billings?

Hey. Wanna help me speculate?

I was on the west end yesterday and snapped a picture of the old Pier One building. I started thinking about what businesses could go in there.

I know Chik Filet is coming but this place doesn’t have near the square footage needed for traffic volume that they will generate. I’m excited to finally get to try their famous chicken sandwich and see how it stacks up against the new chicken sandwich from Kentucky Fired Chicken. Which I also haven’t tried. My current favorite fast-food chicken sandwich is the spicy one from Wendy’s.

Now, back to the Pier One building. Jimmy Johns would do well here, I think. It would give them quite a few more parking places than their current spot in the mini-mall that’s farther north on 24th street.

Another coffee place? Probably not. I’ve noticed that most fancy coffee drinkers in our town don’t like getting out of their cars. Long waits obviously don’t bother them. If I pull into a fast food place and the line is too long, I’ll park and eat inside. Waiting in line is a thing for me at this age. I’ll do it to get on planes to get to

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