What to know about Christian Walker and his star turn in Georgia’s Senate race

Herschel Walker’s campaign was sent reeling after Monday night’s report that he allegedly paid for a former girlfriend to get an abortion. And before the Georgia Senate campaign had a chance to regain his balance, his son jumped in to deliver another gut punch in real-time.

To the very online crowd, Christian Walker is no stranger. The 23-year-old cuts an interesting profile: He’s built a social media brand on the right railing against “woke liberals” and supporting former President Donald Trump. He’s also been a booster of his father’s Senate campaign in the past, tweeting about introducing him at an event at Mar-a-Lago and posting other positive messages even before Walker’s Georgia Senate campaign.

That, perhaps, lent credibility to his haymaker of a tweet Monday night.

“I know my mom and I would really appreciate if my father Herschel Walker stopped lying and making a mockery of us. You’re not a ‘family man’ when you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and

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