What Joe Manchin told Steve Clemons at dinner


Steve Clemons is a D.C. institution — an operator who connects some of the biggest power players in the capital. He also happens to be the confidant of the most powerful senator in Washington, Democrat Joe Manchin. Playbook author Ryan Lizza joins Clemons for breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown to dish on what’s motivating Manchin behind the scenes, and what he might do next.

How Steve met Joe Manchin:

Steve: I had gotten to know Joe Biden before. I’d been invited to some holiday parties and whatnot at [President] Joe Biden’s home as vice president…

Ryan: Wait wait, let’s not bury the lead here. How did you get to know Joe Biden?

Steve: Well, let me just finish. And then I meet Joe Manchin at Biden’s home. First time. That’s where I first actually physically met him.

Ryan: What year’s that?

Steve: I’m really bad with years.

Ryan: What era would it be? Is it Biden as vice president?

Steve: Yeah, Biden

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