What If/Then What for GOP?

Assuming the polls are right – and history has shown that is sometimes a risky assumption – Republicans will take over the House of Representatives by a large margin following Tuesday’s election and possibly even the Senate by enough seats to send a message to Democrats and the media.

The message to Democrats is that large numbers of voters see their tax-and-spend policies with accompanying inflation, their failure to secure the border and an indifference to violent crime and unsafe streets in New York and other major cities as the fault of their party. The message to the media is that no matter how biased they are in favor of Democrats it hasn’t worked this time. This news should embolden Republicans to ignore what surely will be the inevitable loud whining from the left and claim a mandate to accomplish what voters have elected them to do.

Too many times in the past, Republicans have won congressional majorities and failed to deliver. Partly this seems due to the constant media harping about getting along and compromising with Democrats (notice that line is never used when Democrats are in the majority), and partly due to media coverage that claims any spending Republicans

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