What Gavin Newsom and his woke California flunkies want to do to the news

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California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a budget that bestows $25 million to the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, presumably in an effort to ensure plenty of favorable news coverage for himself and his party in the years to come.

The taxpayer cash giveaway will fund 40 fellowships a year, at $50,000 a pop, these fellows will then be dispersed to newsrooms around the Golden state where the progressive ideologies Berkeley is best known for can flower and grow.

Berkeley, the birthing entity of more radical movements than Karl Marx himself, obviously says that this program is not political at all, of course not. They say, “The greater good is advanced when we can rely on credible, local news coverage that reflects the needs and concerns of all communities.”

Let’s break down what this actually means when said by people who teach journalism. The word “credible” here means news that holds conservatives and Republicans to account for their alleged lies while ignoring or eliding anything that harms Democrats. Not only do today’s progressive media critics and academics refuse to present both sides of almost any question, they actually think showing both sides is bad.


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