What Divides Us Most This Thanksgiving


Posted: Nov 25, 2021 12:01 AM

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Today’s Liberals have no interest in debates where facts can be challenged. They are driven by their emotions. We live in a world of facts. They live in a world of feelings. Stoking their emotional endorphins is all they really care about. If it sounds good and makes them feel good, they’re for it. Results and facts be damned.

Some have attempted to explain the divide with the left brain-right brain theory. Liberals are driven by their emotion. Conservatives are defined by logic and facts.

Notice how often our friend on the Left talk of fairness. It’s as if they have never accepted the unassailable fact that life isn’t fair. In their unending attempts make things fair they inevitably make things worse, especially for those they say they want to help.  

The garden variety of liberals are mostly harmless. They seem motivated by a peculiar view of charity. Believing that Christian charity calls them to utilize the force of Big Government to take

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