What Biden's Dismal Polling Teaches Us About Our Leadership and Ourselves


Posted: Nov 25, 2021 12:01 AM

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Recent polls show President Joe Biden sitting at a dismal 38% approval rating and Vice President Kamala Harris at an equally, but unsurprisingly, depressing 28% approval rating just nine months into their terms. Even with the army of political propaganda outlets — or, dare I say, “journalists” — vehemently opposing former President Donald Trump and supporting Biden and his Democratic colleagues, Trump’s approval rating was still about the same at around 38%.

What does this say about the current leadership of our country? Should we simply chalk this up to a contentious, all-or-nothing political climate? Or is it something more fundamental? When a new president takes office, many individuals and media pundits will debate for hours about their expectations for him and then criticize him based on his ability, or inability, to meet those expectations. But I have a different perspective. I do not expect but rather hope that our president will carry out his duties in the best interests of the

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