What a Palestinian State Would Look Like

On ” 60 Minutes” last Sunday, President Biden said he thinks it would be a “mistake … for Israel to occupy … Gaza again.” He also conceded that eliminating Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon “is a necessary requirement.”


At the same time, the president said, “There needs to be a path to a Palestinian state.”

If anyone wants to see a preview of what a Palestinian state would look like, they should consider Gaza. Only the self-deluded believe such a state would not be used by terrorists to complete the “final solution” of wiping Israel off the map. Is there any credible evidence that would prove otherwise?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whom the media label a “moderate,” first tried to claim that Hamas doesn’t represent the Palestinian people and criticized its murderous actions. He then seemed to walk back his comment when it was removed from a report in the PA’s mouthpiece news agency, WAFA.

The president said “the extreme elements of Hamas (is there any other element?) don’t represent all the Palestinian people.” Hitler may not have represented all the German people. Mao Zedong may not have represented all the Chinese people. Josef Stalin may not have represented

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