What A Legend! John Daly Does It Drive-In Style And Watches Kenny Chesney Concert In His Golf Cart

This is so John Daly.

Over the weekend, country music superstar Kenny Chesney was performing at the En-Joie Golf Course in Endicott, New York for his I Go Back 2023 Tour, and he ended up having a special guest. Legendary, even.

A photo is going viral on social media putting a spotlight on golf icon John Daly and how he pulled up to the Chesney concert in his golf cart. But not only that, my man parked the golf cart and then just sat there, enjoying the concert from the comfort of his own vehicle — drive-in style.

Just check out this glory:

John Daly rolled up to a @KennyChesney in a golf cart on Friday night. 😂

(📸: BoostedTurd / Reddit) pic.twitter.com/S2rMjrDd3P

— SI Golf (@SI_Golf) June 25, 2023

Holy cow, how can you not love this guy?

I don’t think many people can get away with doing something like this like John Daly. Like seriously, think about it. Imagine you were in a golf cart and just pulled up to some concert, and then you just park there and watch. You’d probably get kicked out. Heck, I know I would. But John Daly?

Nah, and

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