We’ve Seen This ‘Film’ Before

Some movies are worth watching more than once. The one now playing in the Middle East isn’t one of them.

How many times must we see this plot repeated and not recognize it for what it is: terrorists kill innocent Israelis, including women and children, and after a while much of the world begins to suggest it’s the fault of the victims. If only there were no Jews. If only Israel didn’t exist seems to be their line.


Yes, it’s wonderful that hostages are being slowly released, even though this, too, is a familiar plot as Hamas extracts far more Palestinians from Israeli jails. Who doubts this will just lead to more attacks, more hostages, and more prisoner releases?

The Wall Street Journal, while acknowledging the relief felt by parents and other relatives of the released hostages, editorialized that”…relief shouldn’t blind us to the way the jihadists are manipulating human sentiment to achieve their terrorist aims.”

Exactly. And the aims, even recently expressed in sermons coming from Middle East mosques, are continued incitement for Muslims to kill Jews and eliminate the Jewish state. Forget a “two-state solution,” as the Biden administration and several others before it, continue to promote. Israel’s

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