Western Carolina students face death threats, faculty mockery for speaking out against 'woke' training

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Students who spoke out against mandatory racial and gender training at Western Carolina University were mocked online by faculty who boasted about being “proud” to be “woke” and subjected to death threats and calls to be fired.

Fox News reported last week that Resident Assistants were forced to undergo racial sensitivity training with slides warning them about “denying” the “racial experience” of another person if they say “When I look at you I don’t see color.” They were also told that referring to America as a “melting pot” can be deemed offensive and be interpreted as saying “you should assimilate to the dominant culture.”


The RAs were also introduced to a “gender unicorn” which outlined the many variations of “gender identities” and “gender expressions” that students might identify by while also being told that sex and gender have nothing to do with genitalia.

Following the report about two Resident Assistants who took issue with the presentation, members of the Western Carolina Faculty Senate took the opportunity to mock the students and use the controversy to raise money for a liberal political organization.

“Creating a fundraiser

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