We're two pro-life women who say 'no' to prosecuting women for abortions

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s imitation of being handcuffed during a recent protest sums up the type of media frenzy that has followed the Dobbs decision. Misinformation and political theater abound, with debunked claims continuing to circulate in the press and on social media. 

This is reminiscent of the pre-Roe days, when abortion advocates promulgated claims that thousands of women a year were dying in back alleys – a claim that earned Planned Parenthood’s president four Pinocchios in 2019 — still cited by people who “should know better.” But to the extent that these inaccuracies are creating real fear, they cannot be ignored by those of us who care about what happens to women and how they feel about this moment in time.    

For example, consider the falsehood that pro-life laws prohibit medical intervention for ectopic pregnancy or miscarriages. Not a single state law in effect does this – all contain exemptions to save the life of the mother, something the pro-life movement has supported all along. Ectopic pregnancy cannot result in a live birth and can be fatal to the mother if not addressed. Even Planned Parenthood has acknowledged that ectopic pregnancies are

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