We’re ex-SEALs who know all Americans need to do hard things and challenge ourselves to restore our nation

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From its inception, the United States has exemplified exceptionalism, producing risk-takers, innovators, warriors, and leaders. American exceptionalism, the belief that our nation holds a unique destiny and a responsibility to guide the world, has inspired countless others. However, in recent years, American exceptionalism has waned, causing alarm for the global community as its decline could have far-reaching consequences.

Modern America faces numerous challenges, including a crisis of leadership, political polarization, economic stagnation, and a looming recession. The high standards and accountability of old, upon which this nation was built, have given way to the new era of victimhood, rewarding mediocracy, and the erosion of personal responsibility. An increased dependence on government, divisive identity politics deteriorating national unity, shared values and common purpose have us collectively staring into the abyss.

While it’s tempting to attribute our downfall to external factors like growing global competition, the reality is that our failures are self-inflicted. The foundational high standards and accountability that once defined our nation have been reframed and vilified through the lens

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