Weak Cons and Libs Can Clutch Their Pearls and Seethe

“Oh, well I never…we’re better than that…that’s not who we are!” is the high-pitched battle cry of the loser Fredocons who brought us to this juncture. Modern conservatives, by necessity and through their Andrew Breitbart-inspired understanding of Alinsky tactics, are owning the libs hard with mean, tacky, and utterly hilarious stunts and memes that the bow-tied virgin contingent would never consider exploiting. Their goal is to lose with dignity. They’ll get half their wish, and not the dignity half. 

You’ve seen it, and admit it – you chuckled. Conservative performance art is drawing attention to the facts and outrages that our Establishment toe-sucking regime media has declared narrative non grata. For example:

The internet and now even TV is awash in discussions of whatever the hell is growing out of slumlord scion/ogre John Fetterman’s neck. Tumor? Second head? What the hell? Clearly, this dude is a mutated mess.

Comedian Alex Stein is out there hassling Democrat Congresscreeps, notably asking Eric Swalwell about exactly what he and Chi Com spy Fang Fang put where during their cheesy relationship (Caution: NSFW clip).

Governor DeSantis is dropping off illegal aliens in Martha’s Vineyard, sparking a mass freak out by the libs who have to now

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