We Need Less 'Equity' and More Sweat Equity

A warped version of “equity” has become political heroin for Biden Democrats.  

They inject the black tar into their veins, then become euphoric over the sudden rush of power they get, until the junk wears off.  Predictably, they crash.  And no matter how big the crash is or how devastating the damage it causes, they don’t stop.  They’re hooked now. 

To get the same sense of euphoria, they’ll lie, cheat, and steal to keep the smack flowing through their veins. But with every crash, they need more of the stuff to get the same high: racial equity, transportation equity, policing equity, environmental equity, education equity, housing equity, gender equity, infrastructure equity and health equity. 

And they seem to have no clue how crazy this stuff sounds.  Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra recently called a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes “an important step to advance health equity” because it will reduce disparities in tobacco use.  Yep.  We have disparities in tobacco use.  Since menthol cigarettes are used by 85 percent of black smokers, smoking menthols lead to lower quit rates and more black deaths.  

Never mind that such a prohibition would drive blacks who decide to keep smoking menthols

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