‘We miss you’: The life of Dave McKim celebrated at memorial service

The Helena community gathered Wednesday to share tears and laughter in search of healing the collective wound left by the passing of Helena High School teacher Dave McKim.

In attendance at the packed Carroll College P.E. Center were the friends, family, students, colleagues and bandmates McKim influenced during his life in Helena.

Longtime buddy of McKim, Sam Wattnem, spoke about what his best friend meant to him.

“He was everyone’s best friend, he loved deeply and everyone that met him felt that. He was kind of beyond belief. He brought life and appreciation to every moment. He made you stop and smell the roses,” Wattnem said. “He showed me the things that matter in life, to love deeply and to give everyone a chance because you never know what they’re going through.”

Longtime buddy of Dave McKim, Sam Wattnem, talks about what his best friend meant to him during a memorial service for the beloved Helena High School teacher on Wednesday at Carroll College.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

Wattnem went on to say, “Today, please fill your rooms with wisdom. Learn from them.

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