We Live and Grieve Together

On Sunday morning, a terrorist attack took place in Jerusalem leaving one Israeli dead and three injured.  Attacks like this are always sad and cause a range of emotions, from anger to despair, that no matter what, Palestinian Arabs are always trying to kill us, just because we are Jews living in the Land.

The man who was murdered was Eliyahu (Eli) Kay, 26. Eliyahu was a new immigrant from South Africa.  He came to Israel to serve in the IDF as a lone soldier, joining the elite paratroopers.  When I saw his picture in uniform with the red beret folded above his left shoulder, I immediately thought of my son.  Maybe they knew each other and served together.  And then for my son’s well-being, and all our soldiers. But Eli was murdered as a civilian on his way to work, not in combat.

After completing his military service, Eli worked at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, guiding people through the famous archeological Western Wall Tunnels, excavated some 25 years ago and revealing thousands of years of Jewish history that those who kill us try to erase and deny.

Eli was also engaged to be married in a few months. Now

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