We care: Woman with disabilities needs walker

A woman with disabilities and very limited income is in need of any financial assistance of $200 for a new walker. Gift cards or monetary donations are appreciated. If you could help with a donation, please contact Bailey at Winds of Change, 406-203-5015 or baiken@wocmt.com.  

An elderly, low-income, active man needs new size 11 walking shoes. He’s prone to seizures so he walks everywhere he needs to go. He does have a heightened risk of falling due to a past knee replacement and his current shoes are worn and treadless. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Samantha Causey with 3 Rivers Mental Health Solutions, 406-880-6365 or samanthacausey@3riversmhs.com.

The following people are in need of assistance. If you can help, please contact Michelle Salomon at Winds of Change, 406-203-4956 or msalomon@wocmt.com

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