Waterworks Hill Trailhead road, parking lot to get major upgrade


Sam Weller walks off the Waterworks Hill Trailhead, which will be upgraded with a paved parking lot, sidewalks, storm water filtration and improvements to the trail beginning next year.

The Waterworks Hill Trailhead is heavily used, with little room for vehicles to park or turn around.

David Erickson

A heavily used and often-crowded trailhead area in Missoula will get a big upgrade next spring in the form of a more accessible trail, a parking lot, a new road and a kiosk.

Last week, the Missoula City Council’s parks and conservation committee voted unanimously to spend $677,453 to upgrade the Waterworks Hill Trailhead. Over half of the money will come from the state fuel tax.

The trailhead is just to the west of Greenough Drive and a

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