Watermelon Diplomacy

If you only follow international media, you’d believe that life in Israel is one of fear and danger because of threats from our Palestinian Arab neighbors, and that the “occupation” is to blame, meaning Israel’s conquering Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) during the 1967 Six Day War. By that narrative, if Israel were just to “give back” the West Bank, everything would be fine. It’s not so simple.

The truth is that threats of terror and violence from Palestinian Arab (and other) terrorists long preceded the Six Day War, and long before the Arabs adopted the moniker “Palestinian” which, until 1948, was a term to identify the Jewish population of the Land of Israel. It’s no secret that Palestinian Arabs blame Israel for its very existence. They call it the nakba, the catastrophe of Israel’s restoration to sovereignty. The Six Day War was only a setback, they call it the naksa. This is clear as the Palestinian Arabs, and their governing body, the Palestinian Authority (PA), have created an identity that is about persecution rather than prosperity, and destroying and delegitimizing Israel rather than building or investing in infrastructure for an independent state (alongside Israel) which they

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