Watch The Intense Trailer For Part One Of ‘Ozark’ Season Four

“Ozark” season four looks like it’s going to be absolutely insane.

The final season of the hit Netflix show is being split into two parts, and the first half will drop on the streaming giant January 21. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

Judging from the full trailer for part one, it’s going to be pure adrenaline. Give it a watch below.

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a monster fan of “Ozark.” I think it’s one of the best shows to come out over the past few years, and I think it’s Bateman’s greatest role.

In fact, I’d argue that it’s Bateman’s greatest role by a substantial margin. In 20 years, I truly believe “Ozark” will be the defining job of his career.

Now, we have one final season left to find out how it all ends with the Byrde family. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what to tell you because I’m amped!

January 21 truly can’t get here fast enough.

Make sure to check back for the latest updates on “Ozark” season four as we have

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