Watch now: Food Wars unite Tech community, fight hunger in Butte

Tech students Baylie Phillips and Myles McClernan move one of the eighteen giant boxes filled with food donations on Friday morning as they prepare to drop off their collection of over 5,000 items of food to various food pantries in Butte. Phillips, a student government leader and organizer of the Food Wars event, says the group collected nearly 6,000 items of food. “It was such a great surprise and awesome opportunity to see Tech come together as a community,” says Phillips. “I did not expect anything this big.”

Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard

After a week of being in a food fight, a dozen student government members and volunteers stood in a circle around 18 giant boxes of food collected for Food Wars, a competition between academic departments to collect the most food for local pantries.

Unlike other brawls that leave opponents lethargic or battered and bruised, the Tech students appeared giddy as they discussed the best way to move the nearly 6,000 items of food collected to local pantries.

Baylie Phillips, the defacto general of Food Wars and the student

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