WATCH: It Was Worth It- Vietnam Veteran is Finally Back Home in Wyoming

“I’m hit.”

Those were 1st Lieutenant Alva Ray Krogman’s last recorded words, his last transmission, as his 0-1 F Bird Dog was struck by 37-mm anti-aircraft fire. Krogman was serving in Vietnam at the time and he was assigned to the 504th Tactical Air Support Squadron, flying as a Forward Air Controller over Laos. His plane was shot down on January 17, 1967 and, unfortunately, his remains could not be recovered at the time.

It took more than 50 years – 50 years of questions, 50 years of doubt, 50 years of wondering. After more than 50 years, First Lieutenant Krogman was finally found, and he was finally brought back to his hometown of Worland, Wyoming.

On Monday, July 19, 2021, citizens lined the streets of Worland Wyoming to pay their respects to a fallen hero. Cityscapes were lined with American flags. People of all ages held their flags proudly; some put their hands to their hearts as a procession made its way through the town. Fellow veterans had tears in their eyes, as they saluted their fallen comrade.

First Lieutenant Alva Ray Krogman had finally come home.

Krogman grew up in Worland, according to his obituary. As a young man, he was “very active” in

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