Watch Cam Newton Throw During Panthers Minicamp After Shoulder Procedure

1:09 PM 06/12/2019 | Editorial

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Cam Newton has been slinging it during minicamp for the Panthers.

The star quarterback had to have a shoulder procedure, and there have been lots of questions about how he’d return when he finally started letting the ball fly again. Judging from the view videos I’ve seen, he’s going to be just fine.

You can watch a few videos of his throws below. It also appears like he might even have a bit of a different motion, but go ahead and check it out for yourself. (RELATED: Cam Newton Will Throw During Panthers Minicamp When It Begins Tuesday)

Cam Newton’s shoulder is looking at #Panthers camp.

— Roto Street Journal (@RotoStJournal) June 12, 2019

That’s right, Cam Newton’s throwing again. How’d he look? (via @tiffblackmon)

: Inside Minicamp Live

— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) June 11, 2019

(2/4) #Panthers QB Cam Newton throws to DJ Moore here. From this angle, looks like his new delivery is more over the shoulder.

— Edgar Salmingo, Jr. (@PanthersAnalyst) June 11, 2019

Given how little information we’ve had about Newton’s status for awhile, I think

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