Walking Your Kids to School in Missoula? Look Up

If you’re walking your kids to school, you might want to look up. Better yet- look out.

One Missoula mom decided to go for a little morning run on Monday before taking the kids to school. Check out the bears she spotted in the trees above. And this wasn’t the first time.

Credit Sarah Stivers

Sarah Stivers said she was going for a run on Monday morning when she spotted the bears. “On my morning run. Don’t forget to look up,” she told her friends on Facebook. She said the bears were spotted just a few blocks away from Clark Fork School up the Rattlesnake in Missoula. (Bears in Montana…”up the Rattlesnake”…near a school…that oughta scare the out of staters, right?)

Sarah Stivers: It’s a couple blocks away from our local school…although last year there was a Mama with three cubs across the street from the school!

Here’s the photos of the bears she saw last year, right across the street from Rattlesnake Elementary School:

Credit Sarah Stivers

She said this bear looked like it was sleeping just like that.

Credit Sarah Stivers

Missoula isn’t the only town seeing bear activity in town. About a week ago, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks noted that they were getting multiple reports of

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