W. Montana roads escape brunt of storm

Given the storm that wreaked havoc across much of Montana’s roadways on Sunday, Missoula County Commissioner Juanita Vero considers herself lucky after a close call on Highway 200. 

Vero was heading west near mile marker 21 between Potomac and Greenough around 7 p.m. when a pickup heading the other direction began sliding sideways. The pickup’s back end went across the center line and bashed into the driver’s side of Vero’s Subaru CrossTrek.

“There was no reaction time,” Vero said Monday. 

Vero was not injured in the crash, which set off her front seat airbags. The driver’s side front panel and door on her car were left in a mess of twisted metal, but there were no hard feelings between the two drivers.

“The first thing we both did was give each other a big hug because we were both OK,” Vero said. “I’m just so lucky. Airbags, man.”

For the most part, the Montana Department of Transportation’s Missoula District, which stretches from Ravalli County to the Canadian border, was spared the brunt of Sunday’s storm, District Administrator Bob Vosen said. By Monday afternoon, the transportation department was reporting snow

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